Vaneigem's Resistance to Christianity

Jan 12, 2024

Colleague Bill Brown (of Not Bored!) has just published his massive translation of Raoul Vaneigem's RESISTANCE TO CHRISTIANITY A Chronological Encyclopaedia of Heresy from the Beginning to the Eighteenth Century with Eris Press. This 744-page tome "reveals the hidden story behind the modern-day edifice of Christianity. Raoul Vaneigem’s landmark study provides a compelling account of the falsifications and political agendas that shaped what we now know as the canonical Bible and such pillars of Christian doctrine as the Resurrection and the Holy Trinity."

This magnificent book chronicles the struggles of the people across many centuries to live free of all masters, to dwell in a world where desire and the divine are one. Vaneigem shows how often those branded as heretics were in revolt against tyranny, but how often also tyrannical Christian impulses contaminated attempts to break free. Essential reading in an age when, once again, the resistance against our gaolers requires a religious as well as a political vocabulary.

— Mackenzie Wark

Copies available at your local bookseller if they're worth their salt, or you can order direct with the link below:

Order from Eris Press